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   Cambridge Chinese Massage

Linda Wei

Wei Lianjiao Linda was born and raised in Guangxi, in the far south west of China After school, she qualified as a nurse.  Subsequently Linda attended Guangxi Traditional Medical College and achieved top grades throughout her degree course, graduating as a Traditional Chinese Medical Practitioner                in 1985 .  She practiced Traditional Chinese Medicine alongside Western Medicine in Hospitals in Guangxi and Beijing for ten years.  In 1992 she studied under the renowned Dr Wei Guikang for a year and still returns to China regularly to study and to teach. She came to England in  2007 and settled in Cambridge. Linda is passionate about the benefits of traditional Chinese Medicine and is an expert in massage, acupressure and acupuncture. Linda with Dr Guikang Wei (centre) and the rest of the Conference Faculty 2011. 29 April 2011               AppointedTrustee Council Member of the World Manipulative Medical Association